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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

Xorro vom Lundborg-Land::

Status: hips - normal, elbows - normal, DNA, AD, BH, SchH1, SCH2, SchH3, North East Regional Conformation show "Sieger"

Xorro received his BH, SchH I, SchH II, SchH III, Korklasse 1 and excellent (V) breed rating under the age of 3 years old. Xorro qualified for the USA National with his first SchH III title.  Xorro placed first place that very same year at the North East Regional Conformation show and won the highest title awarded that day. "V1" Working Class Male Dogs. He also was shown for his KKL 1 for Life, and passed with flying colors.


Xorro was one of the only 11 dogs that Year to receive an OFA Excellent rating for the German Shepherd Dogs. For more information about the Hip certification in the US please visit .


Xorro was a very highly decorated male in our breeding program.  He has been genetically proven to produce the drive, hardness, self-confidence and temperament dog owners are looking for. Xorro produces very beautiful and intelligent dogs for anybody to fall in love with.

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Xorro von Lundborg Land was a stunning black and red male, big boned, with excellent pigment and exceptional temperament. His male puppies inherit his beautiful black saddle and great color. The female puppies are absolutely gorgeous with dark pigment. Xorro often produced big framed dogs with beautiful big heads, very impressive looking German Shepherds.

Xorro was a really fun dog to be around. I enjoyed the many hours we spent training together and preparing for his dog show's. Grooming Xorro was a tasked since he manage to get me first wet. I believe he made this his point. If I am wet you are going to be wet too. Xorro loved the water. We often went for a swim to prepare and condition for the dog show's or just played with the water hose after a hardy workout. Even so Xorro is gone now he still is in our hearts and will forever be. There is no one just like him, a strong minded dog with a sharp mind who brought so many smiles onto our faces.  

Xorro always traveled well and any new environment and we managed to always have fun. So we went to Virginia-Lynchburg, Canada-Montreal, Wisconsin-Madison, Missouri- Saint Josef, just to name a few. As an older man he enjoyed living at home with Ruth and Charlie Rodgers, growling at good old Boris and chasing the cats. Every minute he could get he went into the pool, he was just the biggest water dog. Xorro was a wonderful dog and any of his puppies resemble him in their own way.

It is really honor to be part of someone that special. Xorro will be forever missed, but never forgotten. There are to many good time to remember. He was such ambassador for our breed.   

Xorro line breeding was on Palme vom Wildsteiger Land, Quana von Arminius and Quina von Arminius.

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