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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

Anja von der Bismarcksaeule::

Status: Hip-A normal, Elbow-normal, DNA, AD, BH, SchH1, V-rated

Born in November 2005 out of Sando Haus Iris, IPO2 and Gritta von den Grauen Mohnstab, IPO1.

Beautiful Anja - she was just stunning. She stopped traffic when running the fields. She was so graceful and majestic. Sadly enough, Anja for some reason was terrified of Hardy the moment she arrived. Hot dogs, cookies, walks-nothing help.

So she had the litter of babies she was pregnant with when she arrives and about 6 month later went to her new home. All that time hoping that she would reconsider liking Hardy. We did keep Maxine out of her for breeding. 

We found her another home she absolutely loved. She was running around with 9 children, plenty of dogs, cow's, goats, you name it. 

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