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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent 

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"



Hannah Befor

In training for working titles

HD-normal, ED-normal

Born out of Casper Midolyk, SVV1, IGP3 and Calipso Rovra, SVV1, IGP1

Hannah is a large female with beautiful coloration. She appears like a wolf. She is a super friendly and has the happiest personality. She has very good drives for the sport. Her food drive is superb, so is her toy drive. We are very exited to have Hannah in our breeding program and looking forward to her future litters. 


Aston will be bred to Chromium vom Darland Haus! Coming soon!

IMG_6606 (2).JPG

Xeli vom Julianenweg

Born in January 2019 out of VA-Kaspar von Tronje, IGP3 and Line vom Julianenweg, IGP1.

Xeli is an happy girl. She is full of energy and live. Xeli has an excellent temperament, is very sweet and loves people. Xeli is very smart and learns quickly.  

Xeli will be bred to Bill vom Starker Wille, IGP3

Coming soon! 

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