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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"



Geronimo od Romze, aka "Gero", IGP3

Born in November of 2019 out of Gaz Jirkova Dvora, IPO3< FPR1, ZVV3 and Senta z Kurimskeho Haje, ZVV1.


Gero is gorgeous black sable male. His temperament is superb. He is happy and outgoing. He loves people. Gero working attitude and drives are over the top. 

Gero is very clear headed. He has superb drives for his Schutzhund work. Yannick is looking forward showing him in future working trials. 

Chopin  (1).JPG

Chopin vom Bierstadter Hof, aka "King", BH

Born in February of 2019 out of Nero von Ghattas, IGP3 and Malibu vom Bierstadter Hof, IGP 1.

King is a stunning black and red male with superb temperament. King has super drives for any activities. He excels in Schutzhund right now as our son Yannick's new training partner. 

King is very clear headed. He has a flashy obedience and is excellent in protection. 


Bill von Starker Wille, IGP3, breed-survey

Born in April 2018 in Germany out of Borde Blendy, IPO 3 and Henna vom Teichblick, IPO3.

Bill is a super nice German Shepherd dog. He is extremely good looking, top with a superb temperament. 

Bill is a proven stud male in Germany and was bred many times over. 

Bill is titled to an IGP3 and was shown on the Bundes Sieger Prufung. 

Owner: Peter Lee  -  240.498.6340

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