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Beautiful - Loyal- Intelligent 

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

Breeding dogs::

We at vom Pegasus Kennel are devoted to breed only the highest quality of German Shepherd dog. We offer a wide variety of lines in our breeding program. 

Our breeding dogs are out of Europe's finest working dog and conformation dog lines. 


Our dogs are beautiful animals with outstanding temperament, and super working ability. They carry the pedigree's to back it up.

For generations they have been bred to be loyal, intelligent and beautiful.


Our breeding stock is fully out of the original German lines, which have been proven for their breed standard, working ability, endurance, health and hip certification  

In order to be part of the German Shepherd Dog breeding program "SV" in Germany breeders have to proof that their dogs are worthy for the German Shepherd breeding program.

The tasks the German Shepherds have to conclude involves multitask ability's like endurance, intelligent, healthiness, protection, obedience, tracking, and the ability to eagerly learn over a long period of time. 

Xorro vom Lundborg-Land, SchH3, Regional Conformation Champion

Xorry vom Lundborg-Land, SchH3 -

A-frame work
 Hardy Ernsting
Yannick and Dak vom Kirschweihtal

ENDURANCE - the dogs have to complete a Schutzhund title, they have to complete a 12 mile endurance test, a show rating with a minimum of a G-rating (good) is required to enter into the breed certification. 

Xorro running.jpg

Conformation show training with Xorro

TEMPERAMENT - the dogs are not allowed to be gun sensitive, nor can they exhibit aggression towards people and dogs. They also have to complete a protection routine. The judge looks for strong dogs with good control an willingness to out on commend. 

janine and Dak.JPG

Our daughter Janine and Dak, back in the day's

HEALTH - passing hip and elbow certification is required and have to be entered into the pedigree. All of the dogs are check for the correct scissor bite and need to have all of the mandatory teeth. The males are required to have both testicles. 

Ero von der Wienerau

Ero von der Wienerau, SchH3

Jabina Zlatan

Jabina Zlatan, IPO3, Universal Sieger!

Dak vom Kirschweihtal

Dak vom Kirchweihtal, SchH3

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