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Zswia and Fighter

Beautiful - Loyal- Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

About us::

Vom Pegasus German Shepherd has years of experience of showing, working, handling and living with the German Shepherd Dog. We admire the multi task German Shepherd Dog for their trustworthiness, their intelligence, their performance and fidelity as well as their unadulterated "full of life" appearance.  

Our research, training and showing of this incredible breed have led us to an understanding how to breed and capture these wonderful trades in our breeding program. We are devoted to produce the very best German Shepherd Dogs and our carefully planned breeding's have resulted already in a high percentage of outstanding puppies. 

Wedding Hardy and Sabine

24. May 1991 - Our wedding day -

walking out of our church to be greeted by our friends and their German Shepherd Dogs!  


Hardy and Kwenta von der

Mohnwiese, - BH to IPO3

Some of our accomplishments:

Hardy started in the Schutzhund sport in 1978. Soon after it was very clear to him that he loved the sport of "Schutzhund" (Protection sport). At that point he had a lab mix and later got an Great Dane he titled to a SchH1. 


At one point he had bought his German Shepherd dog "Enrico von der Kopperpahler Allee, who he titled to a SchH2. Enrico was 2 1/2 years old when he got stolen from him in January of 1990 out of his kennel.

A few years after joining the Schutzhund sport he was elected training director followed by LV teaching helper/decoy.


In 1988 he was elected to be the Regions training director. Multiple times he was selected for LV Championships and pre-selected for the VDH in 1990 as a decoy/helper. 

Over the years he has worked over 300 dogs at different club trials as a decoy. Now, due to multiple knee replacements he is no longer doing the decoy work himself, but gives his knowledge to the new coming decoys.

  • trained and coached many dog teams since 1979 successfully. Helped hundreds of dogs teams to Schutzhund titles -

  • multiple wins of German shepherd conformation rings an titles with various dogs of all ages and sex

  • completed successful multiple times on regional and national Championships and Siegershows over the years

  • trained and coached "2 Universal Sieger Champions"

  • in 1999 trained, coached and showed 2 dogs teams on the FCI World Championship in Austria and the WUSV World Championship in Germany as team members for the USA-Team

  • in 2000 team member for WUSV World Championship in Belgium

  • in 2002 successful completed a SchH3 title including the breed survey test KKl1 and the win of the regional conformation show. All within 10 month - BH, SchH1, 2, and 3, KKL1 and Regional Champion -


Sabine and Xorro vom Lundborg-Land, ScHH3

Regional Champion conformation show


Hardy and Caraq vom Lowenfels, IPO3

Turin, Italy - World Championship

  • in 2003 trained and coached a dog team to place second at the UDC National Championship (Doberman)

  • 2005 AWMA  National competitor

  • in 2005 trained and coach a dog team took 2nd place at the UDC National Championship - high obedience and high tracking -

  • 2006 FMBB World Championship competitor in Hungary, Europe

  • October 2006 - 6th place at the AWMA National Championship with Caraq vom Lowenfels

  • April 2007 Hardy and Caraq competing at the North American Championship finishing 13th 

  • 2007 trained and coached 2 dog teams for the UDC National Championship 

  • June 2007 successful summer trial. All 13 of our club members passing their titles

  • September 2007 FCI World Championship, Hardy and Caraq, Team USA

  • September 2007 Hardy and Caraq won the North Eastern Regional Championship in Berryville Virginia - 2007 Northeastern Regional Champion -

  • October 2007 coached Mary and Rocca to go into 2nd place at the AKC National Schutzhund Championship

  • Fall 2007 successfully completed our fall trial

  • Spring 2008 - AWDF Championship - 3 dog teams from our club competing

  • Summer 2008 very successful summer trial completed

  • September 2008 4th place at the Northeastern Regional Championship 

  • October 2008 Mary and Rocca win the DPCA Doberman National Championship in Topeka, KS

  • Fall 2008 very successful fall trail completed

Temperament Test

BH temperament test during our fall trial

  • Spring 2009 Hardy and Caraq 8th place finish at AWDF Championship - high DVG - 

  • Spring 2009 Mary and Rocca high Doberman at the AWDF Championship

  • May 2009 Mary and Rocca 2nd place UDC National Championship

  • May 2009 Hardy and Caraq 8th place finish at the Working Dog Championship - also coaching team Paul and Falco

  • September 2009 FCI World Championship team member - alternate in Austria, Europe

  • September 2009 Hardy and Caraq "Regional Champion" northeastern region

  • Fall 2009 very successful fall trial completed

Hardy and Mary, UDC National Championship

Mary and Rocca at their awards ceremony with Hardy

Hardy and Chilli Airport Hannover

Hardy and Chilli earning their title during a trial with decoy Paul Konschak

  • 2010 helped 20 new dog teams to new titles

  • Spring 2011 coached Paus and Cash - 3rd place AWDF Championship, IPO2

  • Spring 2011 coached 7 members to get their titles

  • June 2011 - Seminar with Kim Hechler

  • August 2011 - Seminar with World Champion Peter Scherk - Team Heuwinkel

  • August 2011 - Workshop with World Champion Peter Scherk - Team Heuwinkel

  • Fall 2011 coached d 12 dog teams to achieve new titles - high in trial 293 out of 300

  • Fall 2012 successfully completed fall trial - Hardy and Chilli high in trial 296 points

  • Spring 2013 - recovery from first knee replacement -

  • Fall 2013 DVG Nationals in Eugene, OR - high obedience- 8th place- Hardy and Chilli

  • October 2013 - Hardy and Chilli - AWMA Championship in Wisconsin - 282 points - Helpers choice award - strongest dog in competition !

  • 2013 successfully completed our fall tiral - 15 new titles - Hardy and Chilli - High in Trial 299 points out of 300 total points

  • April 2014 -Hardy and Chilli -  AWDF Championship in IL - Helpers choice award - strongest dog of competition 

  • May 2014 successfully completed our spring trial

  • Fall 2014 Hardy and Chilli competing at the AWMA Championship in Florida

  • November 2014 successful fall trial completed

  • September 2015 - Hardy and Chilli competed at the FMBB World Championship in Pisek, Czech Republic - USA Team 3rd place -

  • October 2015 successful fall trial completed 

  • November 2016 successful fall trial completed

Opening ceremony

2015 FMBB Team USA in Pisek, Czech Republic

Jim vom Roten Merlin

Preparing Jim vom Roten Merlin for the Championships with National level decoy

Marcus Hampton

  • April 2017 Hardy and Jim vom Roten Merlin AWDF Championship

  • October 2018 Hardy and Jim AWMA Championship in Maine - pulled last min due to bronchitis 

  • December 2017 successful completed our fall trial

  • December 2017 Hardy and Jim DVG National Championship in California, 4th place

  • April 2018 Hardy and Jim - Bundessieger Pruefung in Gelsenkirchen, Germany 

  • September 2018 - Hosting Club for the Northeastern Regional Championship

  • October 2018 - Hosting Club for the AWMA National Championship - most entries received of any of the AWMA Championship

  • October 2018 Hardy and Jim AWMA Championship

USCA Regional Championship 2018

2018 Northeastern Regional Championship

  • January 2019 knee replacement revision for Hardy - out of commission for the 2019 trial season - just coaching from now on -

  • June 2019 successful summer trial

  • November 2019 successful fall trial

Chilli Airport Hannover - obedience
Caraq-2007 FCI .jpg
Hardy and Chilli - Protection (2).jpg
Hardy and Dak vom Kirchweihtal, IPO3 - FCI Working World Championship in Austria
Hardy and Pando von Lowenfels - USCA North American Championship
Caraq vom Lowenfels
Yannick and Janine

Our son Yannick and daugther Janine

with puppy Vasco


Yannick and Fango vom Kalten Eck, SCH3

Yannick and Dak vom Kirchweihtal, FH

Yannick and his dog Dak reporting out to Judge Bogdan Sergo

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