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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus" 

Past Dogs::


"Puppy Kimber" Vercingetorix vom Kraftwerk

Born in January 2004 out of Maika von Thielenhof, SchH3 and Rabauke vom Braunschweiger Wappen, SchH3

Kimber was an very intense male, powerful and friendly enough. This is a dog you did not wanted to meet at night.

Kimber was loved and owned by Maria Darland. 


"Boris" Bajaro vom Fiemereck

born in February 1999 out of Lord vom V-Georg Victor Turm, SchH3 and V-Lauri vom Fiemereck, IPO2.

Boris was a big, beautiful male with his own mind. He was a lovable dog, with lots of drive. 

Boris was loved and owned by Ruth Rodgers. 

Xorro-2 head.jpg

Xorro vom Lundborg Land

Born on December 1998 out of V-Zank vom Trienzbachtal, SchH3 and V-Enne von der Sturmeiche, SchH3.

Xorro was a super fun dog. We had many adventures together. We went from 0 to SchH3, KKL1, V-rating to North Eastern Regional show champion. 

Boris was loved and owned by Ruth Rodgers. We had the privilege to be part of his currier. 

img346 (2).jpg

Dak vom Kirchweihtal

Born on September 1993 out of Natan vom Peko Haus, SchH3, FH and Hela von der Seufzer Allee, SchH3, FH.

Dak was a super sweet, but a very powerful working German Shepherd. He was super good with our kids and was a great teacher to Yannick. Dak was the very first German Shepherd who took Hardy to the working World Championship.

Dak was loved and owned by Hardy and Sabine Ernsting. 

img345 (2).jpg

"The Don - aka Donny" Dachs vom Lister Tor

Born on October 1992 out of Lewis Malatesta, SchH3, FH and Zea vom Geefacker, SchH3.

Donny was a loyal German Shepherd dog. He loved Hardy and Hardy loved that dog. In 2000 Don and Hardy qualified for the WUSV championship in Belgium, but due to an injury weeks before the trial we pulled him from competition and retired him from his working life. 

The Don was loved and owned by Hardy and Sabine Ernsting

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