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Travel with your dog / puppy::

Travel Tips

If you plan a trip make the decision if you take your puppy along or if you know a good facility which will care for your puppy.


Leaving your puppy behind

  • Ask your veterinarian, breeder, or other pet owners to recommend reputable boarding facilities.

  • Make reservations in advance of your trip. Many facilities book up early, especially over holidays.

  • Make sure that your puppy is current on all of his vaccinations.

  • Make sure that you give the boarding facility a supply of things your dog needs during his stay.

  • Leave feeding instructions and a supply of your puppy's regular dogfood.

  • Make sure the boarding facility has an emergency contact number. 

Traveling with your puppy

  • Make sure that the hotel will take dogs.

  • Your puppy needs to be up to date on all of his vaccinations. 

  • Take your puppy's dogfood along.

  • Make sure you buy bottled water during your trip for your puppy, never use tap water.

  • Make sure that your puppy has identification on his collar.  

  • Micro-ship your puppy with Home Again.

  • Keep your puppy in a safe traveling crate on longer trips.

  • Never leave your puppy in the care alone.

  • Make frequent stops for your puppy.

  • Never leave your puppy free in the hotel room.

  • Make sure that you know a veterinarian in the area you are visiting.

  • Have your vaccination records with you.

  • Have an up to date Rabies Vaccination for that state.

Molly and Shadow.JPG

Hardy and Homer

enjoying a walk

Molly and Shadow relaxing 

Tobi and Gus posing for

a picture for mom


Governor McAuliffe's

little Daisy

Wallis during

his walk


Miles with his

girlfriend Rylee

Miles enjoying

his am walk


Oreo posing for

the camera

Atlas the little Corgi