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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

Training your new puppy::

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Owning a dog is a life-time commitment. A crucial part is teaching your puppy the proper pet manners. It is your responsibility to prevent your puppy from excessive barking, wandering in neighbors garden and eating their flowers. Same goes for leaving little presents behind (poop) and scaring the neighborhood because you a dragged down the street with no control. Knowing and teaching your puppy simple commands, like come, sit, down or heel may save your puppy's life one day. You also always should obey the leash law. Find a good dog school in your area. Or come out and visit our dog school or send your puppy back to us for the training your puppy deserves.


Training Tips


Teach your puppy early that "Come" is the best thing ever. Reward your puppy every time he comes back to you with verbal praise and his "Payment" - payment can be food or toy as example -.

Never correct your puppy, even so he may not have come on the first call.

Growling and biting

Prevent this behavior from the start. Correct your puppy on a leash if your puppy growls or bites. Show your puppy the behavior you would like to see. Always reward the puppy's good behavior with praise and a treat "payment". Even if your puppy bites you by accident during playing, do not allow it, say no bite and correct it, but show your puppy the correct behavior and praise it.


Again teach your puppy early not to jump up. Asked your friends to greet your puppy on his level not on theirs. Teach your puppy sit and make him wait until he will get his deserved greeting. If your puppy does jump up, always use the same commend like "Off". We do not recommend to use down. Down is a totally difference exercise


Chasing cars, bikes, joggers

Correct this behavior very strong and hard the first time. Keep him on a long leash and correct him very sharply with a strong "No" or "Pfui". Use the same comment for other unwanted behavior, which needed to be corrected immediately.


You may want to put in a fence or an electric fence to keep your dog from roaming in the neighborhood.


Never allow your puppy to beg. Put him on his place during breakfast, lunch and dinner. You also can put him into his crate during that time. Soon he will know, it is dinner time I have to go to my place. Be very consistent with this training.

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