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German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

Puppy-proof your home::

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Here are some suggestions to help you puppy-proof your home


Do not leave cigarette butts in ash trays where the puppy can get to them. If eaten, cigarette butts can lead to nicotine poisoning.

Secure electrical cords and make them inaccessible for your puppy. Your puppy can suffer electric shock burns and my even die from chewing on them.

Do not burn candles if your puppy is close ,or he or she may knock it of the table.

Be careful with chicken or turkey bones, if eaten they can be life threatening to your dog.

Keep your puppy away from toxic plants. Rhododendron, Japanese yew, and lily of the valley, as well as peach and cherry pits, can cause problems if eaten, just to name a few.

Keep the toilet lid down if you use toilet bowl cleaners. Puppies are drawn to the water in the toilet and could get very ill if they drink it.

Keep your puppy away from any cleaners, period. If inhaled or drunk by your puppy, they could get very ill or even die from it.

Be certain anti-freeze is out of reach and any drippings are cleaned up completely. All dogs are attracted to its scent. Anti-freeze is highly toxic.

Keep medication away from your puppy. Puppies like to chew and easily can open childproof containers.

Keep cellar doors and upper story windows closed. A curious puppy may trap him/herself or jump out of the window.

Be carefully to leave needles or pins out, or the puppy may swallow them.

Use caution with rodent poisons. Hanging strips, fly paper and other exposed toxins must be kept out of your puppy's reach.

Avoid flea collars and flea dips until your puppy is at least 15 weeks old. Make sure to read the instructions before applying anything.

Do not invite other pets to your house until your puppy is fully vaccinated.

A puppy's resistance to infections is lower than an adult dogs until about 16 weeks of age.

Make sure that glass or any breakable things out of glass, like Christmas decorations is out of your puppy's reach. They may break it and could get a very bad cut.

Make sure your trash is put away very well and that open metal cans are put outside right away. If the trash can tips over the puppy may try to lick the empty can and can hurt himself.

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