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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

Past females::


Little-Isie vom fixem Dutt

Born on January 2013 out of Quatro vom Peroh, ScH3, IPO3, FH2 and Isie vom fixem Dutt.

Isie is a super nice girl. She is a happy dog and likes things to do. She would always let me know if someone arrived at our place. Her bark would change into a deep voice of awareness. 

Isie is now being loved and taken care of by Tom and Maria. Slowly she is being converted into Maria's wheelchair service dog

Zswia von der Sandsteinquelle

Zswia von der Sandsteinquelle

Born on may 2007 out of Quantom vom Fiemereck ScH3 and Wiggi vom Bauhofer Land, SchH3.


Zswia wass a super good looking girl. She was so happy, and outgoing. Her personality was just great. She loved other dogs and had not problems with cats. Her senior year my good friend Debra gave her a home. She was a happy housedog and loved living with Debra.  


Lotta vom Sodinger Land

Born on September 2010 out of V-Fakir vom Heinrichplatz, IPO3 and V-Ipsy vom Altenberger Land, IPO1.

Lotta was super young when she came to us. We loved her. But she had problems during the delivery. So, we thought it would be best for her to go into a very nice home and live a happy dog life from that point forward.  

Maxine (2).jpg

Maxine vom Pegasus

Born on June 2008 out of Queik vom Ludwigseck, IPO3 and V-Anja von der Buismarcksaule, IPO1.

Maxine grew up here at German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus". She was a happy puppy and happy dog. She had a sweet and caring personality. Maxine was good with puppies, dogs, kids. She had beautiful puppies together with Kimber.



Anja von der Bismarcksaule

Born in November 2005 out of Sando Haus Iris, IPO2 and Gritta von den Grauen Mohnstab, IPO1.

Beautiful Anja - she was just stunning. She stopped traffic when running the fields. She was so graceful and majestic. Sadly enough, Anja for some reason was terrified of Hardy the moment she arrived. Hot dogs, cookies, walks-nothing help.

We found her another home she absolutely loved. 


Banja von der Hammer Burg

Born in March 2004 out of Basko vom Langen Feld, SchH3 and Dela von den Gnitzer Hoefen. 

Banja was a beautiful sable female. She was a good combination of working dogs and conformation dogs. She had a ton of ball drive and an even higher food drive. Her babies had this incredible sweet personalities, just like her.


Quicky vom Koettersbusch

Quicki, beautiful black and red female, imported from Germany, IPO1. Outstanding pedigree. Quicki was friendly, but yet protective. We love her confidence, courage and self-sureness. Just a wonderful dog overall. She was fun to be around, she loves to play and enjoys other dogs company. Quicky  enjoyed living at a farm as a protection dog in her senior years. She enjoyed her freedom and her new home. 

Yasmin (68).JPG

Yasmin vom Regina Pacis

Born in September 2001, out of V-Uno von Haus Babilon, SchH3 and V-Omella vom Moenchberg, SchH1. 

Yasmin was a little spit fire here at our facility. We had one litter with her. She was deeply in love with a Malinois, not German Shepherd. That made breeding her about impossible. Her one litter we did had with her was with Xorro vom Lundborg Land, SchH3. The puppies were beautiful pups with her personality. 

She went to a family as a personal protection dog for the teenage daughter


Zella vom Kuehnhaus

Beautiful Zella was our very first female dog here at German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus". She taught us so much about breeding and what to do. Her puppies been wonderful to raise and made great companion dogs.

As a senior she found a home in Rockville an lived many more years of sleeping in bed and being spoiled.

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