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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

Current litter::

For more information about our puppies:

 Sabine 571.643.1213       Hardy 571.643.2107       Yannick 304.283.7924

Hanna Befor was bred to Geronimo od Romze!

Hanna delivered 1 girl puppy December 31, 2022! - SOLD

Both dogs are beautiful, full of life, large, good-natured dogs!

We are very excited about this litter.

Hannah has a super nice personality. She is always happy and very outgoing. She loves to take's walks and loves to play or work.

Hannah's wolf-like appearance attracts many people.

Geronimo is just beautiful. He is super friendly, loves to play and work.

He switches on and off. When he is ready to work, he is ready to give it his all. When he is hanging out, he is just the most enjoyable pup you can have. 

We are looking forward to Geronimo's working career with Yannick!

Our upcoming litter!

We bred Aston von der Sehnsucht and Bill von starker Wille over Christmas 2022!

Aston is a beautiful dark sable female. She has a super nice personality, very friendly and outgoing. She loves to take her ball and just play and play and play with it. Aston has superb working abilities. She loves her Schutzhund work and her bite work.

She is the daughter of the USCA working Champion and WUSV competitor Vegas von der Burg der Hinte. Her pedigree is outstanding.


Bill von Starker Wille is an import from Germany. He has German SV papers as well as AKC registration.

Bill is a super stable, good-natured dog. He is very confident.

He has super working abilities. He has super high food, toy and protection drives.

He competed in Germany at the SV Bundessiegerpruefung.  

He has an outstanding pedigree (some of the best German Shepherd producer in the world are combined in his pedigree).

Bill was bred in Germany many times over because of his quality. 

Of the field he is just a joy to have around and hang out with. His relaxed personality off the field and his fantastic temperament makes him the perfect combination! 

We are expecting puppies of high confidence, super smart, with high working capability!

They will be very good-looking dogs once fully grown. 

We will be keeping a girl out of this combination. Their pedigree is outstanding! 

Aston von der Sehnsucht, BH and Bill von Starker Wille, IGP3

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