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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd vom Pegasus

Aston von der Sehnsucht::

Status: AKC, Hips A-normal, Elbow normal, BH

Aston is a beautiful black sable female with excellent temperament. She loves meeting and greeting people.


Aston has a happy personality, loves other dogs, people and is full of life.

Aston is a superb working dog as well. Her tracking ability is fantastic, due to her extreme food drive. Her obedience is flashy and full of energy and she loves protection work.

Her stunning look makes her a traffic stopper!

Look out for updates when Aston will be bred again!

Fall of 2023!

She will be either bred with Geronimo or Bill.

Aston (93).JPG
Aston (56).JPG
Aston (60).JPG
Aston (38).JPG
Aston (55).JPG
Aston (79).JPG
Aston (48).JPG
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