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Zswia and Fighter

Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs

Vom Pegasus

German Shepherd Dogs vom Pegasus is the natural result of our involvement with - and admiration of - this incredibly versatile breed. Years of studying the German Shepherd bloodlines, both in Europe and the United States, have led us to an understanding of how to breed the best dogs. 

We import and breed only the highest quality dogs. Our imports are from Europe and come in all ages and training levels. these high class dogs will exceed your expectations. 

Vom Pegasus German Shepherd breeds for companionship, conformation, sport, policework and agility. Our dogs are of high intelligence, beautiful, strong, healthy, with great temperament form parents with incredible personalities. Our research and planning has already resulted in litters with a high percentage of outstanding pups. 

Vom Pegasus is devoted to breed the best German Shepherd dogs possible and taking them to the top of their field. If you love this breed like we do, we invite you to spend some time reading about our breeding program, looking at the promising dogs we are offering and the information we provide.


As part of Metropolitan Executive Dogs, vom Pegasus German Shepherd also provides education with fast and durable results for your four-legged friends. We offer the highest level of various training programs. Our outstanding knowledge will become your expertise.  

Our goal is to keep on building the positive relationship between you and your dog and to give you guidance all the way. 

German Shepherd Dogs vom Pegasus, Kearneysville, WV

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