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Beautiful - Loyal - Intelligent

German Shepherd Dogs "Vom Pegasus"

Kimber vom Kraftwerk::

Status: DNA, Hips-A normal, Elbows normal, AD, BH, SchH1, SchH2, SchH3


Born in January 2004 out of Maika von Thielenhof, SchH3 and Rabauke vom Braunschweiger Wappen, SchH3

Kimber was an very intense male, powerful and friendly enough. This is a dog you did not wanted to meet at night. He had that stare if he looked at you - it was bone chilling - . Thanks goodness he consider me his friend. 

Kimber's puppies were great. Super social, happy, beautiful dogs. Made fantastic family dogs or working dogs. Just the right combination.

At home Kimber was Houdini. If there was a girl in heat he found his was - jumping out of 2nd story window's, not a problem; opening front doors with his mouth-no problem, protecting Maria's mom from an intruder entering their home-yes game on, the burglar made Kimber's day. So many stories for this fantastic German Shepherd Dog "Puppy Kimber".

The first time we meet Kimber was when Maria came out for the first time and said " meet my puppy Kimber". That name stuck for many years with him until we called him "PaPa Kimber".

Kimber was loved and owned by Maria Darland.